About Us


Vincent Lee Fine Arts Ltd. ("VLFAL"), a company incorporated in Hong Kong on the 17th of March, 1981 The Company is an integrated publisher, wholesaler and retailer of limited edition prints and 3-dimensional sculptures, as well as original works of fine art created by internationally recognized and emerging artists.

The Company has been a firm supporter of various charitable organizations throughout the years. (See Charitable Beneficiaries).

Business Activities

The Company is the publisher of:

1. limited edition prints and multiple sculptures (wholesale)
2. art books, posters and calendars (wholesale and retail)

Publisher of limited edition prints and multiple sculptures

The Company is engaged in the business of producing original and limited edition works of art, for both the wholesale and retail world markets. The production of fine art limited edition lithographs, serigraphs, multigraphs, bas-reliefs, 3-dimensional multiples, aquaprints and etchings are currently subcontracted to other production facilities on behalf of the Company.
At the present time, the Company owns the rights to distribute, sell and publish the artworks of the American artist Yankel Ginzburg on a worldwide basis. Its distribution networks span across the continent of the United States to the islands of Hawaii. In Asia, Ginzburg is represented in Taiwan as well as in Hong Kong.

Publisher of art books, posters and calendars

The Company published its first art book titled "The Life and Art of Yankel Ginzburg" by Herman Taube in 1994. It is a 352 page hard cover art book with over 358 reproductions and 142 color plates that retails at USD160 in galleries and bookstores throughout Hong Kong and the United States. The Company also publishes art catalogs for the purpose of promoting the artists and their artwork.

In 1995, the Company entered into a three year contract with a wholly owned subsidiary of Hallmark, Verkerke Copyright & Licensing GMBH, licensing several images of Yankel Ginzburg's artworks for royalty income. Verkerke will distribute the licensed images on a worldwide basis in the form of posters. Further licensing could be granted to other companies.

In 1996, the Company entered into a licensing contract with Josef Gref GmbH & Co KG, also known as GREMO for the production of umbrellas using an image created by Yankel Ginzburg for a licensing fee. The umbrellas are being distributed by GREMO on a worldwide basis.

The Company also granted Citibank the rights to use a group of images by Yankel Ginzburg for the publication of their 1995 desk calendars for distribution to their Asian private banking clients. This promotional campaign was so successful that the demand for the calendars exceeded the available supply.

The Company's Chairman is Vincent M Lee.

To purchase or for more information: email sales2011@vlfa.com and provide us with your email address or contact numbers. We will contact you within 24 hours.